Collaborative Coaching for Disciplinary Literacy

Strategies to Support Teachers in Grades 6-12

Laurie Elish-Piper, Susan K. L'Allier, Michael Manderino, and Paula Di Domenico

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February 12, 2016
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January 14, 2016
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Includes Common Core Content

The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
“This well-organized text includes a clear theoretical framework in addition to 17 research-based strategies that can be easily implemented by disciplinary literacy coaches to support teachers in adjusting their instruction to meet today’s literacy demands. The extremely user-friendly text offers step-by-step instructions and examples of real coaches implementing the strategies….Reproducible forms are also included that make it easy for disciplinary coaches to begin using some of the strategies immediately….Highly recommended. Graduate students and practitioners.”

Choice Reviews

“Essential reading for literacy coaches who are wondering how they can remain effective under the new, more rigorous standards and the emphasis on disciplinary literacy. Focusing on the language features and functions unique to each discipline can be daunting to coaches who have been operating solely under a content-area reading model. The clear explanations, practical guidelines, and useful examples will help coaches adapt their previous practices to new demands and make the daunting feel ultimately doable.”

—Cynthia Shanahan, EdD, College of Education (Emerita), University of Illinois at Chicago

“This is the book that was missing when I began my career as a coach! It honors the work of coaches and teachers, and places students and their learning at the center of all we do. From explaining the theoretical foundations of disciplinary literacy to offering practical guidance on how to begin, maintain, and grow a coaching model in schools and districts, this book clearly articulates the core tenets and practices of effective coaching in grades 6–12. It is truly a gift to coaches everywhere.”

—Sarah Marie Durst, EdM, Professional Learning Facilitator and former instructional coach, Champaign, Illinois

“This well-organized, 'must-read' book is based on the many experiences of the authors in their work with secondary school coaches and teachers. It reflects a deep understanding of collaborative coaching and its potential to make a difference for student literacy and content learning. This is a great resource for middle and secondary school coaches as well as university instructors and graduate students.”

—Rita M. Bean, PhD, School of Education (Emerita), University of Pittsburgh

“An invaluable how-to manual for instructional coaches who are looking to define and refine their craft. The book explains many different coaching stances and how to negotiate and describe those stances with stakeholders, as well as how to run different levels of professional development, from working one-on-one to leading large groups.”

—Cara Gutzmer, EdM, MS, Professional Learning Facilitator, Center for Education in Small Urban Communities, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign