Constructive Psychotherapy

Theory and Practice

Michael J. Mahoney

October 20, 2005
ISBN 9781593852344
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302 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 2003

1. Constructivism: A Brief Introduction

2. Constructive Psychotherapy: An Overview of Practice

3. Constructive Assessment

4. Basic Centering Techniques

5. Problem Solving: Basic Behavioral and Cognitive Techniques

6. Pattern Work

7. Basic Process Work: Meditation and Embodiment

8. Drama, Fantasy, Dream Work, and Stream of Consciousness

9. Self-Relationship and Spiritual Skills

10. The Experience of Change

11. Being Human and a Therapist


A. Constructivism: History and Current Relevance

B. Consent Form

C. Personal Experience Report

D. Breathing Exercises

E. Body Balance Exercises

F. Relaxation

G. Mindfulness Meditatio

H. Mirror Time

I. Kindly Self-Control

J. Self-Comforting Exercise

K. Spiritual Skills Exercises

L. Human Change Processes: A Synopsis

M. Recommendations for Therapist Self-Care

N. Recommendations for Constructive Practice


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