DSM-5-TR® Made Easy

The Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis

James Morrison

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April 5, 2023
ISBN 9781462551347
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674 Pages
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February 6, 2023
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674 Pages
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“The book does a wonderful job of explaining the clinical criteria and walking the reader through the reasoning behind the diagnosis….The conversational style allows readers to better digest and put into context diagnostic features of disorders found in the DSM for use in a clinical context.”

Doody's Review Service

DSM-5-TR Made Easy is a master class in modern psychopathology. Morrison's meticulously detailed reviews of each major mental disorder provide the reader with an informative and accessible guide for understanding the DSM. Through relevant case examples, Morrison’s text not only enhances our understanding of symptoms, overlapping syndromes, and common comorbid conditions, but also elevates our approach to diagnostic formulations and conceptualizations. This exceptional book is an authoritative resource for clinicians and students at all levels and an ideal text for teaching the next generation of mental health professionals.”

—David H. Klemanski, PsyD, MPH, Department of Psychiatry, Yale University

“This book supports mental health professionals across their careers, from medical students and psychology interns who are just learning the diagnostic criteria to seasoned psychiatrists who need the newest DSM updates in our constantly evolving field. The book’s structure allows for its use as a quick-reference guide, whether to check criteria for a rare diagnosis or to review a common disorder and the varied ways it can present. Regardless of why you are using DSM-5-TR Made Easy, Morrison makes the process enjoyable (and validating!) through his self-aware style, vivid case presentations, and awareness that diagnoses don’t always fit into precise boxes.”

—Meredith Gansner, MD, attending psychiatrist, Boston Children's Hospital

“If DSM-5-TR is the encyclopedia, this book is the manual. Morrison shows you real diagnosing—the thinking processes, integration of data, case formulation for treatment, and so on—not just assigning labels and ICD-10-CM codes. Reading this book is like sitting with a wise and experienced clinician showing you how to weigh and balance the evidence. Even the introductory explanations of how to use the book are excellent guides for teachers and students and will greatly enhance learning. Over 130 superbly constructed cases show exactly how Morrison applies the DSM-5-TR rules and logic. The cases bring the criteria sets and checklists of the DSM to life. This book is suitable as a text in introduction-to-the-profession courses in clinical fields. Anyone reading it will feel like (and will become) a smarter clinician.”

—Edward L. Zuckerman, PhD, author of Clinician's Thesaurus