Diagnosis Made Easier

Third Edition
Principles and Techniques for Mental Health Clinicians

James Morrison

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January 15, 2024
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I. The Basics of Diagnosis

1. The Road to Diagnosis

2. Getting Started with the Roadmap

3. The Diagnostic Method

4. Putting It Together sample

5. Coping with Uncertainty

6. Multiple Diagnoses

7. Checking Up

II. The Building Blocks of Diagnosis

8. Understanding the Whole Patient

9. Physical Illness and Mental Diagnosis

10. Diagnosis and the Mental Status Examination

III. Applying the Diagnostic Techniques

11. Diagnosing Depression and Mania

12. Diagnosing Anxiety, Fear, Obsessions, and Worry

13. Diagnosing Psychosis

14. Diagnosing Problems of Memory and Thinking

15. Diagnosing Substance Use and Other Addictions

16. Diagnosing Eating and Sleeping Disorders

17. Diagnosing Personality and Relationship Problems

18. Beyond Diagnosis: Compliance, Suicide, Violence

19. Patients, Patients

Appendix: Diagnostic Principles

References and Suggested Readings