Educational Measurement

From Foundations to Future

Edited by Craig S. Wells and Molly Faulkner-Bond
Epilogue by Else Hambleton

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April 26, 2016
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March 29, 2016
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“This excellent volume brings together top measurement professionals from around the world who are working on cutting-edge issues in educational assessment. The A–Z coverage includes historical analyses of measurement and policy issues, practical advice on developing assessments across languages, and psychometric issues involved in differential item functioning, computer adaptive testing, and automated test assembly. Education professionals will find this book a key reference for using assessments to improve educational practices. I highly recommend it as a text for graduate-level measurement courses.”

—George Engelhard, Jr., PhD, Quantitative Methodology Program in Educational Psychology, The University of Georgia

“A broad, brilliant, and pragmatic contribution to the literature of educational measurement. This truly outstanding volume has both historical significance and cutting-edge importance. It will find a prominent place on the desk of every current and future professional who is interested in improving education through measurement and research.”

—Linda Cook, EdD, past president, National Council of Measurement on Education

“This volume brings together a stellar list of contributors to cover the theory and practice of assessment from a wide range of angles. The book not only salutes the history of educational measurement, but also wholeheartedly embraces new trends and technologies that are shaping the landscape of assessment and psychometrics today. It should be widely read by measurement professionals and graduate students, as well as other researchers who wish to learn more about the field.”

—Li Cai, PhD, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

“This is one of those rarest of books that you will end up reading again and again, till the pages are worn and tattered and the margins filled with notes. Wells and Faulkner-Bond have edited the premier text on educational measurement. Written by leading authorities, the chapters offer theoretically grounded, comprehensive discussions of the central topics in the field, and will be valuable to those involved in measurement today and for years to come. The book is inspired by the work of Professor Ronald Hambleton, the most influential measurement scholar of our time, and it is a fitting tribute.”

—Bruno D. Zumbo, PhD, Paragon–UBC Professor of Psychometrics and Measurement, University of British Columbia, Canada