Effective Psychotherapy for Individuals with Brain Injury

Ronald M. Ruff and Serana K. Chester

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July 25, 2014
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July 25, 2014
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I. Understanding and Diagnosing Emotional Changes Following Acquired Brain Injury

1. Psychotherapy after Acquired Brain Injury

2. The Brain’s Regulation of Emotions

3. How Are Emotions Experienced?

4. Emotional Symptoms and Personality Changes Following Acquired Brain Injury

5. Diagnostic Framework and Comprehensive Assessment for Psychotherapy

II. Psychotherapeutic Interventions Adapted for Patients with Acquired Brain Injury

6. Modifying Psychotherapy for Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury

7. A Biopsychosocial Treatment Approach

8. Treating Anxiety and Stress

9. Treating Depression

10. Treating Anger

11. Acceptance through Mindfulness

12: Rebuilding a Meaningful Future

Appendix I. Neuropsychiatric Profile

Appendix II. Smartphone Applications and Web-Based Resources