Evaluation Essentials

Second Edition
From A to Z

Marvin C. Alkin and Anne T. Vo

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October 24, 2017
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A. What Is Evaluation?

B. Why do Evaluations?

C. Who Does Evaluations?

D. Contracting for Evaluations

E. Who Are the Stakeholders for an Evaluation?

F. How Do You Strengthen Relationships with Stakeholders?

G. How Do You Describe the Program?

H. What Is the Organizational, Community, and Political Context of the Program? sample

I. How Do You “Understand” the Program?

J. What Are the Questions/Issues to be Addressed?

K. What Are Instruments for Collecting Quantitative Data?

L. What Are Instruments for Collecting Qualitative Data?

M. How Do Data Collection Issues Impact Potential Evaluability?

N. Are the Questions Evaluable?

O. How Do We Plan a Process-Focused Evaluation Design?

P. How Do We Plan an Outcome-Focused Evaluation?

Q. How Do We Manage the Evaluation?

R. How Are Quantitative Data Analyzed?

S. How Are Qualitative Data Analyzed?

T. How Are Analyzed Data Used to Answer Questions?

U. How Are Evaluation Results Reported?

V. What is the Evaluator’s Role in Helping Evaluations to Be Used?

W. What Are the Evaluation Standards and Codes of Behavior?

X. How Are Costs Analyzed?

Y. What Is the "Theme" of This Book?

Z. How Can You Embark on a Program to Learn More about Evaluation?

Appendix A. Factors Affecting Evaluation Use

Appendix B. An Evaluation Lesson

Appendix C. Use Factors—Relationship to Research Compilations


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