Expressing Emotion

Myths, Realities, and Therapeutic Strategies

Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Jeanne C. Watson

June 11, 1999
ISBN 9781572304734
Price: $88.00
365 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
March 15, 2001
ISBN 9781572306943
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365 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"


I. Introduction

1. Expression, Nonexpression, and Well-Being: An Overview

II. Intrapersonal Processes

2. The Myth of Emotional Venting

3. Blind Spots and Epiphanies: Expression, Nonexpression, and Emotional Insight

4. The "Shoulds," "Oughts," and "Musts" of Emotional Behavior: Expressive Goals and Values

III. Interpersonal Processes

5. Family Socialization of Emotional Behavior

6. Men, Women, and the Language of Love

7. Telling One's Troubles: Expression of Distress in Intimate Relationships

IV. Treatment Implications

8. Expression and Nonexpression in Psychotherapy: Facilitating Emotional Understanding and Behavioral Change

9. Beyond Sadness: Therapeutic Approaches to Emotional Constriction in Depression

10. Flooding or Blunting: Vacillating Expression and Nonexpression in Bereavement and Trauma

11. Emotional Expression in Marital Therapy

12. Expression-Related Interventions in Health Psychology

V. Conclusion

13. Balance in Emotional Behavior