First Impressions

Edited by Nalini Ambady and John J. Skowronski

May 23, 2008
ISBN 9781593857165
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368 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"


I. Biological Aspects

1. Evolutionary Bases of First Impressions, Mark Schaller

2. First Impressions: Peeking at the Neural Underpinnings, Nicholas O. Rule and Nalini Ambady

3. The Biology of Mind Reading, Bhismadev Chakrabarti and Simon Baron-Cohen

II. Functionality

4. Who Draws Accurate First Impressions?: Personal Correlates of Sensitivity to Nonverbal Cues, Judith A. Hall and Susan A. Andrzejewski

5. To What Extent, and under What Conditions, Are First Impressions Valid?, Heather M. Gray

6. Zero Acquaintance: Definitions, Statistical Model, Findings, and Process, David A. Kenny and Tessa V. West

7. You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression: Behavioral Consequences of First Impressions, Monica J. Harris and Christopher P. Garris

III. Facial Cues

8. First Impressions from Facial Appearance Cues, Leslie A. Zebrowitz and Joann M. Montepare

9. Social Categorization and Beyond: How Facial Features Impact Social Judgment, Keith B. Maddox and Kristin N. Dukes

10. The Role of Facial Expression in Person Perception, Ursula Hess, Reginald B. Adams, Jr., and Robert E. Kleck

11. Putting Facial Expressions Back in Context, Hillel Aviezer, Ran R. Hassin, Shlomo Bentin, and Yaacov Trope

IV. Behavioral and Environmental Cues

12. Remnants of the Recent Past: Influences of Priming on First Impressions, Max Weisbuch, Christian Unkelbach, and Klaus Fiedler

13. Spontaneous Impressions Derived from Observations of Behavior: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been (and It’s Not Over Yet), John J. Skowronski, Donal E. Carlston, and Jessica Hartnett

14. First Impressions Based on the Environments We Create and Inhabit, Samuel D. Gosling, Sam Gaddis, and Simine Vazire