Geriatric Neuropsychology

Assessment and Intervention

Edited by Deborah K. Attix and Kathleen A. Welsh-Bohmer

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November 30, 2005
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October 15, 2013
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“Unusual in encompassing not only clinical neuropsychological assessment but also intervention. This volume seems destined to become a major clinical reference book, useful for doctoral and postdoctoral students, practitioners, and researchers....The editors have done a commendable job in creating a unified volume that is nicely introduced by an integrate model of assessment in Chapter 1 and an integrated model of intervention in Chapter 10.”

The Gerontologist

“The volume succeeds in every way, as a major advance and as an essential resource for the clinical neuropsychologist interested in this realm of practice....There is not a bad chapter in the book. Every topic takes readers somewhere better than they were before they cracked the spine....This is a book project that has been entirely successful. It needs to be on the neuropsychologist's shelf and available to students....This book is great by any standard.”


“Those who decide to obtain this book will be very happy with their purchase. The book is comprehensive and well organized, which makes it an ideal selection as a resource to place on one's bookshelf. It is up-to-date and differs from similar books by providing a uniquely neuropsychological point-of-view about neurodegenerative disorders and related syndromes rather than simply rehashing methods for conducting a differential diagnosis. The book's viewpoint is helpful for the situation commonly encountered in most current clinical settings, when a multidisciplinary team makes the diagnosis and the neuropsychologist is asked to provide a functional assessment of the patient as well as an appropriate intervention. The sections on intervention are provided in a particularly useful and digestible format. The outline and theoretical rationale for neuropsychological intervention in geriatric patients is presented in an accessible manner, more useful than what is typically found in most sources on cognitive rehabilitation, including those books addressing traumatic brain injury intervention strategies. Whether a veteran or a recent entrant into the field, neuropsychologists from all backgrounds and specialties will benefit from this book's well-presented introduction to contemporary practice in geriatric neuropsychology.”

Journal of International Neuropsychological Society

“Superb! The editors and contributors are to be congratulated for producing this benchmark text for advanced graduate students, residents, and practitioners of geriatric neuropsychology. A unique feature of the text is its synthesis of intervention with assessment. Moreover, it provides detailed empirical support for using cognitive training, compensatory techniques, and psychotherapeutic interventions for improving mood, behavior, and functional capacity, even in disorders where progression is inexorable. Well written, thoroughly referenced, and up to date, this book is a powerful antidote to the therapeutic nihilism that often surrounds psychological work with dementia patients.”

—Jason Brandt, PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“Every neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist, and psychiatrist working with older people will want to beg, borrow, or buy a copy of this most impressive book. It is not only comprehensive but also original in its coverage of the issues faced by people with dementia and other conditions affecting the older population. The section on assessment is thorough and links theory and practice very well, and the coverage of therapy and treatment issues is especially strong. An important contribution to the neuropsychological literature, this practical resource is almost certain to become a classic.”

—Barbara A. Wilson, PhD, Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK

“This book presents cutting-edge research and theory on the many diagnostic and therapeutic issues that confront clinical neuropsychologists and other health service providers who care for the steadily increasing number of elderly patients in every nation's health care system. The editors have integrated contributions from leading researchers and clinicians into a single, coherent, and valuable resource.”

—Robert J. Ivnik, PhD, Department of Psychology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota