Group Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

A Motivational Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

Linda Carter Sobell and Mark B. Sobell

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January 20, 2011
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June 22, 2011
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I. Rationale, Research, and Assessment

1. Guided Self-Change Treatment and Its Successful Extension to Group Therapy

2. Overview of Motivational Interviewing Strategies and Techniques

3. Assessment: A Running Start for Treatment

II. Guided Self-Change: A Motivational Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Individual and Group Therapy

4. Guided Self-Change Treatment in an Individual Format

5. Integrating Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques into Group Therapy

III. Conducting and Managing Groups: Pregroup Planning, Group Cohesion, and Difficult Situations and Clients

6. Building Group Cohesion: Music Comes from the Group

7. Managing Groups: Structural Issues

8. Managing Difficult Clients in Groups

9. The Way Ahead


A. AUDIT Questionnaire

B. Drug use Questionnaire (DAST-10)

C. Drug Use History Questionnaire

D. Brief Situational Confidence Questionnaire (BSCQ)