Handbook of Adolescent Literacy Research

Edited by Leila Christenbury, Randy Bomer, and Peter Smagorinsky

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September 26, 2008
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I. Overview

1. Introduction, Leila Christenbury, Randy Bomer, and Peter Smagorinsky

2. Sociocultural Constructions of Adolescence and Young People’s Literacies, Donna E. Alvermann

3. Who Are Adolescents Today?: Youth Voices and What They Tell Us, Sam M. Intrator and Robert Kunzman

II. Literacy in School

4. Contexts for Adolescent Literacy, Judith A. Langer

5. Adolescents Who Struggle with Literacy, Larry R. Johannessen and Thomas M. McCann

6. Proficient Reading in School: Traditional Paradigms and New Textual Landscapes, David O’Brien, Roger Stewart, and Richard Beach

7. Fostering Adolescents' Engaged Academic Literacy, Ruth Schoenbach and Cynthia Greenleaf

8. Divided against Ourselves: Standards, Assessments, and Adolescent Literacy, James Marshall

9. Adolescent Second-Language Writing, Linda Harklau and Rachel Pinnow

10. Research on the Literacies of AAVE-Speaking Adolescents, Jamal Cooks and Arnetha F. Ball

11. Digital Literacies in the Classroom, Joan A. Rhodes and Valerie J. Robnolt

12. The Secondary English Curriculum and Adolescent Literacy, Robert Burroughs and Peter Smagorinsky

13. Visual Arts and Literacy, Michelle Zoss

14. Policy and Adolescent Literacy, Allan Luke and Annette Woods

15. Tracking and Ability Grouping, Jo Worthy, Holly Hungerford-Kresser, and Angela Hampton

III. Literacy Out of School

16. Preparing Adolescents for the Literacy Demands of the 21st-Century Workplace, Anne Beaufort

17. The Literacy Demands of Entering the University, Kathleen Blake Yancey

18. Literacy in Virtual Worlds, Rebecca W. Black and Constance Steinkuehler

19. Reading and Writing Video: Media Literacy and Adolescents, David L. Bruce

IV. Literacy and Culture

20. Literacy and Identity: Implications for Research and Practice, Cynthia Lewis and Antillana del Valle

21. Latina/o Youth Literacies: Hidden Funds of Knowledge, Carmen M. Martínez-Roldán and María E. Fránquiz

22. Beyond Hip-Hop: A Cultural Context View of Literacy, Yolanda J. Majors, Jung Kim, and Sana Ansari

23. Boys and Literacy: Complexity and Multiplicity, Michael W. Smith and Jeffrey D. Wilhelm

24. Lessons on Literacy Learning and Teaching: Listening to Adolescent Girls, Barbara J. Guzzetti

25. Literacy Issues and GLBTQ Youth: Queer Interventions in English Education, Wayne Martino

26. The Literacies of New Immigrant Youth, Danling Fu and Jennifer M. Graff

27. American Indian Adolescent Literacy, Mary Jiron Belgarde, Richard K. LoRé, and Richard Meyer