Handbook of Arts-Based Research

Edited by Patricia Leavy

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February 27, 2019
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I. The Field

1. Introduction to Arts-Based Research, Patricia Leavy

2. Philosophical and Practical Foundations of Artistic Inquiry: Creating Paradigms, Methods, and Presentations Based in Art, Shaun McNiff

3. A/r/tography as Living Inquiry, Rita Irwin, Natalie LeBlanc, Jee Yeon Ryu, & George Belliveau

4. The Performative Movement in Social Science, Kenneth J. Gergen & Mary M. Gergen

5. Creative Arts Therapies and Arts-Based Research, Cathy A. Malchiodi

6. Creativity and Imagination: Research as World Making!, Celiane Camargo-Borges

7. Arts-Based Research Traditions and Orientations in Europe: Perspectives from Finland and Spain, Anniina Suominen, Mira Kallio-Tabin, & Fernando Hernández-Hernández

II. Literary Genres

8. Narrative Inquiry, Mark Freeman

9. The Art of Autoethnography, Tony E. Adams & Stacy Holman Jones

10. Long Story Short: Encounters with Creative Nonfiction as Methodological Provocation, Anita Sinner, Erika Hasebe-Ludt, & Carl Leggo

11. Fiction-Based Research, Patricia Leavy

12. Poetic Inquiry: Poetry as/in/for Social Research, Sandra L. Faulkner

III. Performance Genres

13. A/r/tographic Inquiry in a New Totality: The Rationality of Music and Poetry, Peter Gouzouasis

14. Living, Moving, and Dancing: Embodied Ways of Inquiry, Celeste Snowber

15. Ethnodrama and Ethnotheatre, Joe Salvatore

16. Reflections on the Techniques and Tones of Playbuilding by a Director/Actor/Researcher/Teacher, Joe Norris

IV. Visual Arts

17. Arts-Based Visual Research, Gunilla Holm, Fritjof Sahlström, & Harriet Zilliacus

18. Drawing and Painting Research, Barbara J.Fish

19. Collage as Arts-Based Research, Victoria Scotti & Gioia Chilton

20. Installation Art: The Voyage Never Ends, Jennifer L. Lapum

21. How to Draw Comics the Scholarly Way: Creating Comics-Based Research in the Academy, Paul Kuttner, Nick Sousanis, & Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower

V. Audiovisual Arts

22. Film as Research/Research as Film, Trevor Hearing & Kip Jones

23. Ethnocinema and Video-Based Research, Anne Harris

VI. Mixed Method and Team Approaches

24. Sea Monsters Conquer the Beaches: Community Art as an Educational Resource—a Marine Debris Project, Karin Stoll, Wenche Sørmo, & Mette Gårdvik

25. Multimethod Arts-Based Research, Susan Finley

VII. Arts-Based Research within Disciplines or Area Studies

26. Arts-Based Research in Education, James Haywood Rolling, Jr.

27. An Overview ofArts-Based Researchin Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology, Jessica Smartt Gullion & Lisa Schäfer

28. Deepening the Mystery of Arts-Based Research in the Health Sciences, Jennifer L. Lapum

29. Arts-Based Research in the Natural Sciences, Rebecca Kamen

30. Learning from Aesthetics: Unleashing Untapped Potential in Business, Keiko Krahnke & Donald Gudmundson

VIII. Additional Considerations

31. Criteria for Evaluating Arts-Based Research, Patricia Leavy

32. Translation in Arts-Based Research, Nancy Gerber & Katherine Myers-Coffman

33. Arts-Based Writing: The Performance of Our Lives, Candace Jesse Stout & Vittoria S. Daiello

34. Art, Agency, and Ethics in Research: How the New Materialisms Will Require and Transform Arts-Based Research, Jerry Rosiek

35. Aesthetic-Based Research as Pedagogy: The Interplay of Knowing and Unknowing toward Expanded Seeing, Liora Bresler

36. The Pragmatics of Publishing the Experimental Text, Norman K. Denzin

37. Going Public: The Reach and Impact of Ethnographic Research, Phillip Vannini & Sarah Abbott

Conclusion: On Realizing the Promise of Arts-Based Research, Patricia Leavy