Handbook of Obesity Treatment

Second Edition

Edited by Thomas A. Wadden and George A. Bray

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July 30, 2018
ISBN 9781462535569
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724 Pages
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July 30, 2018
Price: $95.00 $80.75
724 Pages
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724 Pages

The new edition will be published July 30, 2018. If you need this title before then, please see the previous edition.
“The book provides a wealth of relevant and very readable information for any clinician with an interest in the treatment of obesity.”

Nutrition and Dietetics (on the first edition)

“It is of great value to any investigator wanting a substantial overview of all aspects of obesity, including environmental, psychological, and physiologic issues....Policymakers who wish to make an impact on this epidemic would be well advised to consult this book.”

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (on the first edition)

“A ‘must-have’ volume….Highly recommended as an essential resource for students, clinicians, and researchers who wish for a comprehensive review of information about obesity.”

Obesity and Eating Disorders Newsletter (on the first edition)

“It could serve as an introduction for someone new to the obesity field, an update for those too busy to stay up with all the journal articles, or a statement to someone from a related profession of how far the treatment of obesity has come. I recommend it highly.”

The Health Psychologist (on the first edition)

“An invaluable evidence-based resource for researchers, clinicians, and policymakers facing the management of an epidemic of obesity.”

Community Mental Health Journal (on the first edition)

“A valuable resource. The editors have produced a work that can serve both as a reference for the researcher and scientifically curious practitioner and as a ready source of practical information for the clinician.”

Journal of the American Medical Association (on the first edition)

“It would be difficult to conceive of a better, more comprehensive text on the treatment of obesity than this one….[It] can provide valuable information as to which patients should be referred, how to refer them, and to whom they should be referred.”

Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (on the first edition)

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