Handbook of Research on Reading Comprehension

Second Edition

Edited by Susan E. Israel
Foreword by Gerald G. Duffy

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December 30, 2016
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I. Historical Analysis

1. Introduction: The Consequential Pulse of Reading Comprehension Research, Susan E. Israel and D. Ray Reutzel

2. The Roots of Reading Comprehension Instruction, P. David Pearson & Gina N. Cervetti

3. Comprehension Is Not Simple: Considering the Persisting Dangers in the Simple View of Reading Comprehension, James V. Hoffman

4. Professional Learning for Educators Focused on Reading Comprehension: A Historical Perspective, Barbara Laster & Carla Finkelstein

5. Research on Helping Readers Make Sense of Print: Evolution of Comprehension-Based Pedagogy, Kenneth S. Goodman, Yetta M. Goodman, & Kelly L. Allen

II. Theoretical Perspectives

6. An Evolving Perspective of Constructively Responsive Reading Comprehension Strategies in Multilayered Digital Text Environments, Byeong-Young Cho & Peter Afflerbach

7. Toward a Theory of Literacy Meaning Making within Virtual Worlds, Richard Beach and Robert J. Tierney

8. Meaning Making in the 21st Century: The Sociogenesis of Reading Comprehension, James Gavelek & Colleen E. Whittingham

9. Literacy, Comprehension, and the Neurosciences, George G. Hruby

III. Diagnosis, Assessment, and Intervention

10. Assessments of Reading Comprehension: Challenges and Directions, Lauren Leslie and JoAnne Schudt Caldwell

11. Using Assessments to Map and Evaluate the Comprehension Development of Young Children, Katherine A. Dougherty Stahl & Georgia Earnest García

12. Comprehension Difficulties and Struggling Readers, Richard L. Allington & Anne McGill-Franzen

13. Self-Regulation and Reading Comprehension: Moving Beyond the Individual's Cognition in Regulated Learning, Dixie D. Massey & Samuel D. Miller

14. Reconsidering Fluency's Role in Reading Comprehension, Melanie Kuhn & Paula J. Schwanenflugel

IV. Impact of Text and Higher-Order Processing

15. Text and Comprehension: A Retrospective, Perspective, and Prospective, Emily Fox & Patricia A. Alexander

16. Reading Comprehension in the Middle Grades: Characteristics, Challenges, and Effective Supports, Ruth Wharton-McDonald & Joy Erickson

17. Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension: The Nexus of Meaning, Gwynne Ellen Ash & James F. Baumann

18. Improving Adolescent Comprehension: Developing Strategies in the Content Areas, Mark W. Conley

19. Structure, Epistemology, and Metalanguage Foundations of Reading Comprehension in Scientific Texts, Linda M. Phillips & Anat Yarden

20. Graphic Text and Visual Literacies in Reading Comprehension, Stergios Botzakis, Jason D. DeHart, & Sean P. Connors

V. Diverse Components and Engagement

21. Reading Comprehension Research and the Shift Toward Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, Colleen M. Fairbanks, Jewell E. Cooper, Sandra M. Webb, & Lynn A. Masterson

22. Comprehension in the Disciplines, Cynthia Shanahan

23. Constructing Meaning through Discussion, Keli Garas-York & Janice F. Almasi

24. The Role of Interest in Reading Comprehension, Sheree E. Springer, Janice A. Dole, & Douglas J. Hacker

25. Comprehension Strategies Instruction for Learners of English: Where We Have Been, Where We Are Now, Where We Still Might Go, Rachel Brown

26. Family Literacy Initiatives and Reading Comprehension, Patricia A. Edwards, Maria Selena Protacio, Marliese Peltier, & Laura Hopkins

VI. Future Directions

27. The Role of Literacy Coaching in Improving Comprehension Instruction, Misty Sailors, Sylvia Minton, & Lorena Villarreal

28. Public Policy in an Era of Changing Literacies: A Focus on Reading Comprehension, Lori Helman & Cory Stai

29. Sophistication of Reading Comprehension: Where to from Here?, Susan E. Israel