Handbook of Writing Research

Second Edition

Edited by Charles A. MacArthur, Steve Graham, and Jill Fitzgerald

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October 13, 2015
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Introduction, Charles A. MacArthur, Steve Graham, and Jill Fitzgerald

I. Theories and Models of Writing

1. What Do Sociocultural Studies of Writing Tell Us about Learning to Write?, Charles Bazerman

2. Writing Research from a Cognitive Perspective, Charles A. MacArthur and Steve Graham

3. Writing Research from a New Literacies Lens, Donald J. Leu, David Slomp, Lisa Zawilinski, and Julie Corrigan

II. Writing Development

4. Writing Process Theory: A Functional Dynamic Approach, Huub van den Bergh, Gert Rijlaarsdam, and Elke van Steendam

5. Understanding Planning in Text Production, Mark Torrance

6. A Sociocultural Perspective on Writing Development: Toward an Agenda for Classroom Research on Students' Use of Social Practices, Richard Beach, George E. Newell, and Jennifer VanDerHeide

7. After Writing, After School, Katherine Schultz, Glynda A. Hull, and Jennifer Higgs

8. The Development of Multileveled Writing Systems of the Brain: Brain Lessons for Writing Instruction, Karin H. James, R. Joanne Jao, and Virginia Berninger

9. From Language to Text: The Development and Learning of Translation, Michel Fayol

10. From Text to Language and Back: The Emergence of Written Language, Liliana Tolchinsky

11. Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Motivation in Writing Development, Roger H. Bruning and Douglas F. Kauffman

12. Self-Regulation and Writing: Meta-Analysis of the Self-Regulation Processes in Zimmerman and Risemberg's Model, Tanya Santangelo, Karen R. Harris, and Steve Graham

13. Relationships between Reading and Writing Development, Timothy Shanahan

III. Instruction in Writing

14. Evidence-Based Practice and Writing Instruction: A Review of Reviews, Steve Graham, Karen R. Harris, and Amber B. Chambers

15. New Developments in Genre-Based Literacy Pedagogy, David Rose

16. Writing to Learn, Perry D. Klein, Nina Arcon, and Samanta Baker

17. Sociocultural Approaches to High School Writing Instruction: Examining the Roles of Context, Positionality, and Power, Michelle Nguyen Kwok, Exequiel Ganding III, Glynda A. Hull, and Elizabeth Birr Moje

18. Instruction in Evaluation and Revision, Charles A. MacArthur

19. Grammar Instruction, Richard Hudson

20. Argumentative Writing, Ralph P. Ferretti and Yueyue Fan

21. Computer-Based Writing Instruction, Laura K. Allen, Matthew E. Jacovina, and Danielle S. McNamara

22. The Role of Professional Development for Enhancing Writing Instruction, Sarah J. McCarthey and Cristin M. Geoghegan

IV. Writing and Special Populations

23. Writing Development and Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities: Using Diagnostic Categories to Study Writing Difficulties, Vince Connelly and Julie Dockrell

24. Writing Development and Instruction for English Language Learners, Alister Cumming

25. Teaching Writing in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms, Valerie Kinloch and Tanja Burkhard

V. Analytic Tools for Writing Research

26. Automated Writing Evaluation: An Expanding Body of Knowledge, Mark D. Shermis, Jill Burstein, Norbert Elliot, Shayne Miel, and Peter W. Foltz

27. Keystroke Logging in Writing Research: Analyzing Online Writing Processes, Luuk Van Waes, Mariëlle Leijten, Eva Lindgren, and Ása Wengelin

28. Linguistic Analysis Tools, Pablo Pirnay-Dummer

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