Helping Schoolchildren Cope with Anger

Second Edition
A Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention

Jim Larson and John E. Lochman
Foreword by Donald Meichenbaum

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October 19, 2010
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1. The Development of Aggression

2. The Empirical Foundation for a Developmental Model of Aggressive Children’s Social-Cognitive and Emotional Difficulties

3. The Role of Anger Management Training in a Comprehensive School Program of Positive Behavioral Supports

4. Getting Started with the Anger Coping Program: Group Leaders, Screening, and Identification

5. Generalization and the Role of the Classroom Teacher

6. Preparing for the First Meeting: Procedures to Implement and Pitfalls to Avoid

7. Outcome Research Results for the Anger Coping Program and the Coping Power Program

8. The Anger Coping Program Manual

9. Considerations When Treating Girlsand TreatingChildren from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

10. Possible Negative Group Effects and Alternative Use as an Individual Format

11. Case Example

12. Frequently Asked Questions

13. Afterword


A. Anger Coping Program Teacher Nomination Form

B. Anger Coping Program Teacher Screening Scale

C. Classroom Goals Interview

D. Anger Coping Agreement

E. Anger Coping Program Classroom Generalization Inservice Guide

F. My Goal Sheet

G. Goal Attainment Scaling Form

H. Sample Parental Consent Letter

I. Anger Coping Program Initial Checklist

J. Hassle Log

K. Anger Coping Program Parent Letters

L. Sample Parental Consent Letter and Anger Coping Program Parent Letters—Spanish Versions

M. Anger Coping Program Classroom Progress Monitoring Report (CPMR)

N. Anger Coping Program Intervention Integrity Checklists

O. Stimulus Pictures

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