How Maps Work

Representation, Visualization, and Design

Alan M. MacEachren

June 9, 1995
ISBN 9780898625899
Price: $129.00
513 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
June 21, 2004
ISBN 9781572300408
Price: $69.00
513 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

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1. Taking a Scientfic Approach to Improving Map Representation and Design

I. How Meaning Is Derived from Maps

2. An Information-Processing View of Vision and Visual Cognition

3. How Maps Are Seen

4. How Maps Are Understood:

Visual Array

Visual Description

Knowledge Schemata

Cognitive Representation

II. How Maps Are Imbued with Meaning

5. A Primer on Semiotics for Understanding Map Representation

6. A Functional Approach to Map Representation: The Semantics and Syntactics of Map Signs

7. A Lexical Approach to Map Representation: Map Pragmatics

III. How Maps Are Used: Applications in Geographic Thinking

8. GVIS: Facilitating Visual Thinking

9. GVIS: Relationships in Space and Time

10. GVIS: Should We Believe What We See?