Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

2020/2021 Edition

Michael A. Sayette and John C. Norcross

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February 7, 2020
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“[The authors] guide the applicant along every step of the application process. They point out the pitfalls, loopholes, benefits, and drawbacks to almost every element of applying to graduate school. They fulfill their purpose to the greatest possible degree and provide a resource that is thorough and articulate. Worry not, potential psychology graduates: the Insider’s Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology is your number-one resource and will provide you with all of the information you need.” (on the 2016/2017 edition)

“This is the only in-depth and practical reference every student must have when considering graduate study in psychology. As the field continues to evolve, so do the institutions. Students planning to pursue graduate education need this guide to make the right graduate program decisions….The authors are cognizant of the needs of undergraduates and returning graduate students. As in prior editions, the authors clearly share a considerable amount of insider knowledge in a genuinely logical manner….This is the how-to guide for any undergraduate looking to apply to grad school in psychology. This edition does not disappoint. Every edition evolves with the graduate process in psychology and honestly answers the questions that arise among those considering graduate study in psychology. Every undergraduate program should make this mandatory reading for their undergraduates and anyone considering graduate psychology education. I have had the pleasure of reviewing this guide since the 2002/2003 edition, and I always look forward to reviewing the latest one. I recommend it to all of my undergraduate students who are considering pursuing a career in psychology. Quite simply, it is the best guide on pursuing graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology. *****!”

Doody's Review Service (on the 2018/2019 edition)

“The Insider's Guide focuses on the complete application process with sample documents, worksheets, and timelines. Advice, warnings, and an easy-to-read format give this book an edge over resources providing program descriptions only, such as the American Psychological Association's Graduate Study in Psychology and Peterson's Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

American Reference Books Annual (on the 2014/2015 edition)

“Your book was the pivotal resource that helped me find my way to my current career. I was one of those first-generation college students who really had no idea what I was doing until I came across your book. The Insider’s Guide was truly indispensable and is largely responsible for my career today.”

—Daniel J. Taylor, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Arizona

“I highly recommend that all applicants to clinical and counseling psychology graduate programs use this excellent guide to identify programs that match their specific career interests, goals, and strengths....As the training director of an APA-accredited counseling psychology program, I appreciate the detailed instructions for preparing a compelling personal statement, creating a flawless CV, forging professional relationships that will lead to strong letters of recommendation, and interviewing successfully. It will be a pleasure to meet prospective graduate students who have put this 'insider' information to good use!”

—Sharon "Sherry" Rostosky, PhD, Professor and Director of Training, Counseling Psychology, University of Kentucky

“The Insider's Guide was an essential tool in helping me find the right doctoral program. When applying to graduate programs in psychology, it can be difficult to navigate between counseling or clinical, and PhD or PsyD. This book is organized in a way that helps you compare and contrast programs....There are so many programs to choose from—use this book to sort out those you are most interested in, and you will end up saving money on applications and finding the best fit.”

—Kimia Mansoor, PsyD student, The Wright Institute, Berkeley, California

“The Insider's Guide was an invaluable resource for me as I tackled the tedious process of applying to graduate school. With so many programs out there, this book provided me with vital information to narrow down which ones would be right for me. The book provides important details on each program—such as types of funding, emphasis areas, and internship statistics—in a clear and organized manner....I recommend it to all my friends going through the process.”

—Mallorie Carroll, PhD, psychology resident, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston

“The advice and insights in this book helped me figure out my career and research interests, and it saved me from a lot of extra effort and heartache that I experienced when I was working on the application process on my own. Highly recommended for anyone considering graduate school!”

—Theresa Trieu, doctoral program applicant

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