Integrated Treatment for Personality Disorder

A Modular Approach

Edited by W. John Livesley, Giancarlo Dimaggio, and John F. Clarkin

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September 24, 2015
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December 15, 2016
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September 24, 2015
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I. Conceptual Framework and Treatment Principles

1. Why Integrated Treatment?: General Principles of Therapeutic Change, W. John Livesley, Giancarlo Dimaggio, & John F. Clarkin

2. A General Framework for Integrated Modular Treatment, W. John Livesley & John F. Clarkin

II. Assessment, Treatment Planning, and the Treatment Contract

3. Diagnosis and Assessment, W. John Livesley & John F. Clarkin

4. Formulation and Treatment Planning, John F. Clarkin & W. John Livesley

5. Establishing a Treatment Framework and Therapeutic Alliance, Paul S. Links, Deanna Mercer, & Jon Novick

III. General Change Principles and Mechanisms

6. A Relational Approach to Personality Disorder and Alliance Rupture, Sumru Tufekcioglu & J. Christopher Muran

7. The Role of Mentalization in Treatments for Personality Disorder, Anthony W. Bateman & Peter Fonagy

8. Improving Metacognition by Accessing Autobiographical Memories, Giancarlo Dimaggio, Raffaele Popolo, Antonino Carcione, & Giampaolo Salvatore

IV. Treating Symptoms and Dysregulated Emotions

9. Managing Suicidal and Other Crises, Paul S. Links & Yvonne Bergmans

10. Psychopharmacological Considerations in Integrated Modular Treatment, Kenneth R. Silk & Robert O. Friedel

11. A Modular Strategy for Treating Emotional Dysregulation, W. John Livesley

12. Treating Emotional Schemas, Robert L. Leahy

13. Adapting Mindfulness for Treating Personality Disorder, Paolo Ottavi, Tiziana Passarella, Manuela Pasinetti, Giampaolo Salvatore, & Giancarlo Dimaggio

V. Treating Interpersonal and Self Functioning

14. Treating Maladaptive Interpersonal Signatures, Nicole M. Cain & Aaron L. Pincus

15. Promoting Radical Openness and Flexible Control, Thomas R. Lynch, Roelie J. Hempel, & Lee Anna Clark

16. Treatment of Violence-Prone Individuals with Psychopathic Personality Traits, Stephen C. P. Wong

17. Enriching Self-Narratives: Advanced Phases of Treatment, Giancarlo Dimaggio, Raffaele Popolo, Antonino Carcione, Giampaolo Salvatore, & William B. Stiles

18. Strategies for Constructing a More Adaptive Self-System, John F. Clarkin, Frank Yeomans, Chiara De Panfilis, & Kenneth N. Levy

19. Promoting Integration between Different Self-States through Ongoing Reformulation, Giampaolo Salvatore, Raffaele Popolo, & Giancarlo Dimaggio

VI. Integration

20. A Case Study of Integrated Treatment, John F. Clarkin, W. John Livesley, & Giancarlo Dimaggio

21. A Final Review of Integrated Modular Treatment for Personality Disorders, John F. Clarkin, W. John Livesley, & Giancarlo Dimaggio