Language and Literacy Development

Second Edition
What Educators Need to Know

James P. Byrnes and Barbara A. Wasik

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August 5, 2019
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I. Introductory Issues

1. Introduction

2. Brain Development, Language, and Literacy sample

II. The Development of Spoken Language Competence

3. An Overview of Spoken Language Competence

4. The Development of Phonological Skills

5. The Development of Word Meaning and Vocabulary

6. The Development of Grammatical Knowledge

III. The Development of Reading and Writing Skills

7. Emergent Literacy and Predictors of Early Reading Success

8. Beginning Reading

9. The Development of Reading Comprehension

10. The Development of Writing Skills

IV. Individual and Group Differences in Language and Literacy

11. Motivational Issues in Speaking, Reading, and Writing

12. Sociocultural Issues in Speaking, Reading, and Writing

V. Instructional Techniques and Programs

13. General Principles of Effective Instruction

14. Language and Literacy Programs That Work