Literacy Learning Clubs in Grades 4-8

Engaging Students across the Disciplines

Heather Kenyon Casey

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May 2, 2017
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April 25, 2017
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
“Casey shows how literacy learning clubs help students develop the social, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary for effective communication and participation in mutually supportive learning communities. Numerous examples illustrate how clubs operate in discipline-specific classrooms and demonstrate ways to incorporate digital tools and social media. Inservice and preservice teachers will enjoy the user-friendly 'Questions for Reflection' and the individual and collaborative 'Activities to Consider' that conclude each chapter. Most unique is the chapter on how these clubs can promote civic engagement.”

—Jill Lewis-Spector, EdD, Department of Literacy Education (Emerita), New Jersey City University; past president, International Literacy Association

“This book was a delight to read, and I am eager to apply some of the strategies in my classroom. The book should be in the hands of all teachers in grades 4–8 as they work to build students' critical literacy and learning skills and help them make sense of their world. Content-area teachers will find ways to integrate literacy into all disciplines, including classroom scenarios, research, and practical ideas for implementation.”

—Linda Biondi, MAT, MSEd, fourth-grade teacher, Sharon Elementary School, Robbinsville, New Jersey

“Provides a unique perspective on the learning needs of upper elementary and middle-grade students. Caseyaddresses the challenges of developing instructional strategies that target the learner's need for authenticity, relevancy, and collaboration while scaffolding and supporting accountable participation. This book empowers teachers to embrace the social nature of learning and bring balance to the literacy needs of students across all subject areas.”

—Laura Beth Fay, MEd, language arts teacher, Gilmore J. Fisher Middle School, Ewing, New Jersey

“This great book is a timely description of what it means for students in grades 4–8 to become members of 'the literacy club,' as renowned educator Frank Smith characterized the social nature of reading. Casey shows how to implement actual literacy clubs in real classrooms, offering the most comprehensive guide that I have seen. A 'must read' for teachers who want to make reading come alive for their students.”

—Susan Lenski, EdD, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Portland State University

“Casey invites us to learn alongside her in this remarkable book. Research confirms the links between literacy, motivation, and engagement. Casey demonstrates how using the inquiry-driven model of the literacy learning club can be transformative for today's students, allowing for deeper and more meaningful learning.”

—Bev Gallagher, MEd, Princeton Day School, New Jersey