Measuring Noncognitive Skills in School Settings

Assessments of Executive Function and Social-Emotional Competencies

Edited by Stephanie Jones, Nonie K. Lesaux, and Sophie P. Barnes
Foreword by Timothy P. Shriver

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March 23, 2022
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Foreword, Timothy P. Shriver

Introduction, Stephanie M. Jones, Nonie K. Lesaux, & Sophie P. Barnes sample

I. From Physiology to Character Virtues: Creative, Contextually Relevant Approaches to Capturing Individual Functioning

1. Direct Assessment of Students’ Executive Functions and Motivation in Elementary Classroom Settings, Jelena Obradović & Lily Steyer

2. The Fidget Spinner Effect: Social and Emotional Assessment and the Healthy Evolution of the Social and Emotional Learning Field, Clark McKown

3. Defining and Measuring Young Children’s Social–Emotional Development in Global Contexts, Dana Charles McCoy

4. Stress Physiology in Context: On the Measurement and Meaning of Autonomic Nervous System and Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal-Axis Functioning, Keira B. Leneman & Daniel Berry

5. Measuring Noncognitive Skills Using Ambulatory Psychophysiology, Oliver Saunders Wilder & Richard Palumbo

6. Conceptualizing and Measuring Character Virtues and Related Attributes Using the Bornstein Specificity Principle: A Relational Developmental Systems-Based Perspective, Paul A. Chase, Dian Yu, Jonathan M. Tirrell, Mary H. Buckingham, Patricia Gansert, Yerin Park, Carolina Goncalves, & Richard M. Lerner

II. In the Classroom: Setting- and Behavior-Focused Approaches

7. Behavior and Discipline: Direct Behavioral Indicators for Use in the Classroom, Sandra M. Chafouleas & Amy M. Briesch

8. Using Behavior Incident Data for Program and Classroom Decision Making: Addressing Issues of Equity and Exclusionary Discipline Responses, Lise Fox, Myrna Veguilla, & Mary Louise Hemmeter

9. Defining and Measuring Quality of Early Childhood Education in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Abbie Raikes

10. Capturing the Social and Emotional Classroom: Using Setting-Level Measures to Drive Improvements in Teaching and Learning, Sophie P. Barnes, Rachel M. Abenavoli, & Stephanie M. Jones

III. Population-Level Tools to Guide Practice and Policy

11. Cross-Cutting Issues for Measuring Social–Emotional Competency in Context: General Opportunities and Challenges with an Illustration of the Washoe County School District SEC Assessments, Rachel A. Gordon & Laura A. Davidson

12. Measuring and Monitoring Children’s Social and Emotional Competence and Well-Being in Schools, Families, and Communities at the Population Level: The Middle Years Development Instrument, Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl

IV. Cross-Cutting Methodological and Policy Issues

13. Cross-Cutting Methodological Considerations for Measuring and Assessing Noncognitive Skills, Laura S. Hamilton

14. Thriving Matters: Policies and Assessment That Foster Equity and Thriving, Jessica Newman, David Osher, Deborah Moroney, & Samantha Neiman