Mindful of Words

Second Edition
Spelling and Vocabulary Explorations, Grades 4-8

Kathy Ganske

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September 23, 2020
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September 23, 2020
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September 24, 2020
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406 Pages
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Introduction to Word Study

1. Setting the Stage sample

II. The Voices of Researchers and Teachers

2. Researcher Perspectives

3. Teacher to Teacher: Tips from Teachers for Teachers

III. Word Study Instructional Activities

4. Word Study for Syllable Junction Spellers

5. Word Study for Derivational Constancy Spellers

Appendix A. Performance Records

Appendix B. Sampling of 100+ Important Math Words

Appendix C. Sampling of 100+ Important Science Words

Appendix D. Sampling of 100+ Important Social Studies Words

Appendix E. Blank Word Card Template

Appendix F. Homophone Rummy Answer Key: Sample Sentences

Appendix G. Understanding Prefixes

Appendix H. Applying Prefix Knowledge to Common Latin Roots

Appendix I. Lesson Guide for Word Study with SAIL

Appendix J. Recognizing and Categorizing Cognates through Morphology, Anita C. Hernández & José A. Montelongo

Appendix K. Spanish Translations of Academic Vocabulary Relevant to Specific SAIL Components, Translated by Anita C. Hernández & José A. Montelongo


Index of Words Used in the Sorts