Mindful of Words

Spelling and Vocabulary Explorations 4-8

Kathy Ganske

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June 3, 2008
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October 15, 2013
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338 Pages
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Part 1. Setting the Stage


The Context: What Is Word Study?

A Word about History

Teaching Considerations

Teacher to Teacher: Tips from Teachers for Teachers

Part 2. Word Study for Syllable Juncture Spellers

Introducing Compound Words

Inflectional Endings

Patterns across Syllables: Other Syllable Juncture Doubling

Vowel Patterns in Stressed Syllables

Unstressed Syllables

Consonant Extensions

Prefixes and Suffixes

Additional Sorts

Part 3. Word Study for Derivational Constancy Spellers

Revisiting Prefixes and Suffixes

Consonant Alternations

Vowel Alternations

A Further Look at Suffixes and Prefixes

Greek and Latin Word Elements

Appendix A. Homophone Rummy Answer Key: Sample Sentences

Appendix B. Understanding Prefixes

Appendix C. Applying Prefix Knowledge to Common Latin Roots

Appendix D. Blank Word Card Template

Appendix E. Sampling of 100+ Important Math Words

Appendix F. Sampling of 100+ Important Science Words

Appendix G. Sampling of 100+ Important Social Studies Words

Appendix H. Performance Records


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