Mobile Sensing in Psychology

Methods and Applications

Edited by Matthias R. Mehl, Michael Eid, Cornelia Wrzus, Gabriella M. Harari, and Ulrich W. Ebner-Priemer
Foreword by Thomas Insel

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November 20, 2023
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I. Mobile Sensing: Background and Key Concepts

1. How to Conduct Mobile Sensing Research, Gabriella M. Harari, Serena Soh, & Lara Kroencke sample

2. Designing for Privacy in Mobile Sensing Systems, Jason I. Hong

3. Transparency and Reproducibility in Mobile Sensing Research, Cornelia Wrzus & Ramona Schoedel

II. Mobile Sensors: Technological Know-How and Methodological How-To

4. Acquisition and Analysis of Location Data, Sven Lautenbach, Sarah Lohr, & Markus Reichert

5. Acquisition and Analysis of Physical Behavior Data, Marco Giurgiu & J. B. J. (Hans) Bussmann

6. Acquisition and Analysis of Ambulatory Autonomic Nervous System Data, Eco J. C. de Geus & Martin J. Gevonden

7. Analysis of Phone Logs and Phone Usage Patterns, Sandrine R. Müller, Aaron Cohen, Marcel Enge, & John F. Rauthmann

8. Mobile Application Usage in Psychological Research, Larissa Sust, Sanaz Talaifar, & Clemens Stachl

9. Examining Well-Being in Situated Contexts with Computational Modeling of Social Media Data, Koustuv Saha & Munmun De Choudhury

10. Behavioral Audio Signal Processing in Mobile Sensing Research, Rajat Hebbar, Arindam Jati, Tiantian Feng, Ramon Reyes, Alexander F. Danvers, Matthias R. Mehl, & Shrikanth S. Narayanan

11. Acquisition and Analysis of Camera Sensor Data (Life Logging), Edison Thomaz & Mariella Dimiccoli

12. Beyond the Smartphone: The Future of Wearables as Mobile Sensors, Kristof Van Laerhoven

13. Viva Experience Sampling: Combining Passive Mobile Sensing with Active Momentary Assessments, Ulrich Ebner-Priemer & Philip Santangelo

III. Analysis of Mobile Sensing Data

14. A Psychometric Perspective on Mobile Sensing Data, Michael Eid & Jana Holtmann

15. Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling for the Analysis of Mobile Sensing Data, Jana Holtmann, Michael Eid, & Martina Kanning

16. Dynamic Network Analysis, Emorie D. Beck & Stuti Thapa

17. Machine Learning for Mobile Sensing Data, Andreas M. Brandmaier

18. Deep Learning Methods for Mobile Sensing, Cara J. Arizmendi, Christopher J. Urban, Kathleen M. Gates

19. Big Data Dimensionality Reduction Methods, Andreas M. Brandmaier

IV. Mobile Sensing Applications in Psychological Science

20. Mobile Sensing in Personality Science, Felix Beierle, Sandra C. Matz, & Mathias Allemand

21. Mobile Sensing Applications in Moral Psychology, Farzan Karimi-Malekabadi, Mohammad Atari, & Morteza Dehghani

22. Mobile Sensing in Relationship Research, Andrea B. Horn & Adela C. Timmons

23. Wearable Technologies in the Workplace: Sensing to Create Responsive Industrial and Occupational Environments Optimized for Health, Jacob N. Hyde, Johnny R. Runyon, Altaf Engineer, Beth Kramer, Casey M. Lindberg, & Esther M. Sternberg

24. Emotion Detection with Mobile Sensing, Koen Niemeijer & Peter Kuppens

25. Cognition on the Go: Opportunities and Challenges for Mobile Cognitive Health Research, Martin Sliwinski, Nelson Roque, & Karra Harrington

26. Mobile Sensing in Developmental Science: A Practical Guide for Researchers, Kaya de Barbaro & Caitlin M. Fausey

27. Mobile Sensing in Aging Research, Birthe Macdonald, Melanie Becker, Mike Martin, & Christina Röcke

28. mHealth Interventions for Health Behaviors, Christine Vinci, Brian Gonzalez, Darla Kendzor, Michael Businelle, & Santosh Kumar

29. Sensing in Clinical Psychology, Geneva K. Jonathan & Dror Ben-Zeev

30. Smart Interventions, Inbal Nahum-Shani

31. Behavior Change, Jean Costa, Pablo Paredes, & Tanzeem Choudhury

32. Mobile Sensing in Neuroscience: Predicting Brain Functional Connectivity Using Smartphone Data, Mikio Obuchi, Jeremy Huckins, Weichen Wang, Arvind Pillai, & Andrew Campbell

V. Conclusions and Future Directions

33. Mobile Sensing in Psychology: Where We Are and Where We Might Go From Here, Matthias R. Mehl, Michael Eid, Cornelia Wrzus, Gabriella M. Harari, & Ulrich Ebner-Priemer

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