Multiple Case Study Analysis

Robert E. Stake

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October 24, 2005
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June 6, 2017
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Reproducible worksheets that facilitate multicase recording and analysis are provided by the author.
The cover photo is taken from one of the book's featured cases from the Open Society Institute's Step by Step program. Currently operating in 30 countries, Step by Step promotes reform of teacher training systems and early education policies in partnership with governmental and nongovernmental organizations. The photo depicts parents who participated in the program at a Roma settlement in Slovakia, working with their preschool-age children at home to prepare them for school. Photo courtesy of Eva Koncoková, Wide Open School Foundation, Slovakia
1. Single Cases

1.1. Situation and Experience

1.2. A Technical View of a Case

1.3. The Quintain

1.4. The Case-Quintain Dilemma

1.5. The Research Questions

1.6. The Particular and the General

1.7. The Contexts

1.8. Making the Individual Case Report

2. The Multicase Study

2.1. Staffing

2.2. Selecting Cases

2.3. Activity in Its Situation

2.4. Data Gathering across Cases

2.5. Triangulation within Cases

3. Cross-Case Analysis

3.1. Rationale

3.2. Reading the Collection

3.3. Cross-Case Procedure

3.4. Expected Utility of Cases and Ordinariness of Situations

3.5. The Grounds for Assertions

3.6. Cross-Case Assertions

3.7. Triangulation across Cases

4. The Report

4.1. Planning the Multicase Report

4.2. Comparing Cases

4.3. Advocacy

4.4. Generalization

5. The Step by Step Case Study Project

5.1. The Open Society Institute and the International Step by Step Association

5.2. The Step by Step Approach

5.3. Previous Step by Step evaluations

5.4. Aims of the Step by Step Multicase Project

5.5. Developing Case Topics

5.6. Action Research

5.7. Themes for Cross-Case Analysis

5.8. The Teams and the Steering Group

5.9. Training the Case Researchers

Three Step by Step Case Studies

6. The Ukraine Case Study

7. The Slovakia Case Study

8. The Romania Case Study

9. Step by Step Cross-Case Analysis: First Steps