Neuroplasticity and Rehabilitation

Edited by Sarah A. Raskin

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June 7, 2011
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August 8, 2011
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1. Introduction: Current Approaches to Rehabilitation, Sarah A. Raskin

I. Reorganization in the Central Nervous System

2. Neuronal Organization and Change after Brain Injury, Bryan Kolb, Jan Cioe, and Preston Williams

3. Experience-Dependent Changes in Nonhumans, Theresa A. Jones

4. Motor and Sensory Reorganization in Primates, Randolph J. Nudo and Scott Bury

5. Cognitive Reserve, Yaakov Stern

6. Practice-Related Changes in Brain Activity, Sarah A. Raskin, Ginger N. Mills and Julianne T. Garbarino

II. Interventions for Motor and Cognitive Deficits

7. Activity-Based Interventions for Neurorehabilitation, David M. Morris and C. Scott Bickel

8. Malleability and Plasticity in the Neural Systems for Reading and Dyslexia, Bennett A. Shaywitz and Sally E. Shaywitz

9. Neuroplasticity and Rehabilitation of Attention in Children, Jennifer A. Engle and Kimberly A. Kerns

10. Language Therapy, Susan A. Leon, Lynn M. Maher, and Leslie J. Gonzalez Rothi

11. Plasticity of High-Order Cognition: A Review of Experience-Induced Remediation Studies for Executive Deficits, Redmond G. O’Connell and Ian H. Robertson

12. Neuroplasticity and the Treatment of Executive Deficits: Conceptual Considerations, Rema A. Lillie and Catherine A. Mateer

13. What Rehabilitation Clinicians Can Do to Facilitate Experience- Dependent Learning, McKay M. Sohlberg and Laurie Ehlhardt

14. Pharmacological Therapies, Rehabilitation, and Neuroplasticity, John C. Freeland