Neuropsychological Interventions

Clinical Research and Practice

Edited by Paul J. Eslinger

February 8, 2002
ISBN 9781572307445
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360 Pages
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January 24, 2005
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I. Foundations of Neuropsychological Interventions

1. Approaching Interventions Clinically and Scientifically, Paul J. Eslinger and Michael V. Oliveri

2. Theoretical Bases for Neuropsychological Interventions, Anna M. Barrett and Leslie J. Gozalez-Rothi

3. Neuropsychological Assessment for Treatment Planning and Research, Thomas F. Bergquist and James F. Malec

4. Pharmacological Treatment of Cognitive Impairments: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations, John Whyte

5. Design and Evaluation of Rehabilitation Experiments, Brian Levine and Maureen M. Downey-Lamb

II. Models of Intervention for Neuropsychological Impairments

6. The Rehabilitation of Attention, Tom Manly, Sarah Ward, and Ian Robertson

7. Learning and Memory Impairments, Elizabeth L. Glisky and Martha L. Glisky

8. Visuoperceptual Impairments, Steven W. Anderson

9. Models of Language Rehabilitation, Jacqueline J. Hinckley

10. Apraxia, Caroline van Heugten

11. The Enigma of Executive Functioning: Theoretical Contributions to Therapeutic Interventions, Keith D. Cicerone

12. The Rehabilitation of Neurologically Based Disturbances, Lynn M. Grattan and Marjan Ghahramanlou

13. Emotion-Related Processing Impairments, Claire V. Flaherty, Anna M. Barrett, and Paul J. Eslinger

III. Future Directions

14. Neuropsychological Interventions in the 21st Century, Paul J. Eslinger