Neuropsychology of Depression

Edited by Shawn M. McClintock and Jimmy Choi

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May 4, 2022
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February 20, 2022
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I. Scientific Foundations of Depression

1. Depression and Major Depressive Disorder: Evolution of Diagnosis and Symptomatology, Haitham Salem, Jair C. Soares, & Sudhakar Selvaraj

2. Neuroanatomy and Neural Networks in Depression, Michelle Thai, Kathryn Cullen, & Bonnie Klimes-Dougan

3. Depression across the Adult Lifespan, Vonetta M. Dotson, Shellie-Anne Levy, Hannah R. Bogoian, & Andrew M. Gradone

4. Depression and Comorbid Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Sara Kashani & Olusola Ajilore

5. Depression and Comorbid Medical Illness, Laura Howe-Martin, Tori Knox-Rice, Deanna Denman, & E. Sherwood Brown

II. Neuropsychological Domains

6. The Role of Cognitive Reserve in Depression, Sonya Dhillon & Konstantine K. Zakzanis

7. Learning and Memory Systems, Adam A. Christensen & Margaret O’Connor

8. Working Memory in Depression, Ashleigh V. Rutherford & Jutta Joormann

9. Executive Functions in Depression, Muzaffer Kaser & Barbara J. Sahakian

III. Clinical and Neuropsychological Assessment

10. Major Depressive Disorder Diagnostic and Depressive Symptom Metrics, Benjamin D. Pace & Mustafa M. Husain

11. Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment of the Patient with Depression, C. Munro Cullum, David A. Denney, & K. Chase Bailey

12. Assessment of Actual Versus Feigned Depression with Symptom and Performance Validity Tests, Kyle Brauer Boone

13. Inclusion and Diversity, Kayla Tureson, Alaina I. Gold, & April D. Thames

14. Using Motivational Interviewing to Enhance Neuropsychological Practice for Adults with Depression and Neurocognitive Difficulties, Mariann Suarez & Valeria Martinez-Kaigi sample

IV. Neuropsychological Effects of Antidepressant Treatment

15. Psychotropic Medications, Joshua Rosenblat

16. Nutraceuticals, Julia Browne, David Mischoulon, & Jerome Sarris

17. Evidence-Based Psychotherapeutic Treatments: Adaptations for Neurocognitive Impairments, Melissa Milanovic, Heather McNeely, Aamna Qureshi, Margaret C. McKinnon, & Katherine Holshausen

18. Cognitive Remediation, Christopher R. Bowie, Michael W. Best, Tanya Tran, & Jenna E. Boyd

19. Exercise, Tracy L. Greer & Hunter Small

20. Electroconvulsive Therapy, Martha Finnegan & Declan M. McLoughlin

21. Magnetic Seizure Therapy, Jeena Thomas, Zhi-De Deng, Shriya Awasthi, & Sarah H. Lisanby

22. Implantable Neurostimulation Devices for Depression: Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Deep Brain Stimulation, Scott T. Aaronson & Alik S. Widge

23. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Brian Kavanaugh & Paul Croarkin

24. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, Donel M. Martin, Adriano Moffa, & Stevan Nikolin