Patient's Manual for CBASP

James P. McCullough, Jr.

A Paperback Original
A Paperback Original
October 23, 2002
ISBN 9781572308145
Price: $25.00
40 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
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I. The Chronically Depressed Patient

1. Introduction to the CBASP Manual

2. Two Types of Chronic Depression

Early-Onset Chronic Depression

Late-Onset Chronic Depression

3. Common Problems of the Chronically Depressed Patient

The Global Thinking Approach to Coping

The "Nothing I Do Matters" Defeatist Approach to Coping

Consequences for Global/Defeatist Thinking

Goals of Your Treatment

II. An Introduction to CBASP Techniques

4. Situational Analysis

Dealing with One Problem at a Time

Two Case Examples

Case 1: Mary

Case 2: Ralph

5. The Interpersonal Discrimination Exercise

The Early Life of Chronically Depressed Patients

Session Two Preparations for Doing IDE Work

Significant-Other History

Constructing the Transference Hypotheses

Treating Interpersonal Hot Spots with the IDE

Case 1 (Mary)

Case 2 (Ralph)