Recovery from Trauma, Addiction, or Both

Strategies for Finding Your Best Self

Lisa M. Najavits

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August 20, 2017
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August 21, 2017
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1. Moving Forward from Trauma, Addiction, or Both

2. Starting Out

3. “Things Turn Out OK”—David's Experience

4. It’s Medical: You’re Not Crazy, Lazy, or Bad

5. How Do People Change?

6. The World Is Your School

7. Listen to Your Behavior

8. Wish versus Reality

9. Find Your Way

10. Possible Selves

11. The Language of Trauma and Addiction

12. Safe Coping Skills

13. Social Pain

14. True Self-Compassion

15. Why Trauma and Addiction Go Together

16. Forgiving Yourself

17. Body and Biology

18. Getting to a Calm Place: The Skill of Grounding

19. The Culture of Silence

20. Motivation: Leverage One Problem to Help the Other

21. Tip the Scales Recovery Plan

22. Every Child Is a Detective

23. How to Survive a Relapse

24. See the Link

25. Practice

26. Identity: How You View Yourself

27. Perception: How Others View You

28. The Decision to Grow

29. Dark Feelings: Rage, Hatred, Revenge, Bitterness

30. Imagination

31. Create a Healing Image

32. Find a Good Counselor

33. Two Types of Trauma Counseling

34. What the Wounded Can Give Back

35. “We Are All in the Gutter, but Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars”

Appendix A. How Others Can Help: Family, Friends, Partners, Sponsors, Counselors

Appendix B. Resources

Appendix C. Brief Quiz on Trauma and Addiction


List of Exercises


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