Relapse Prevention

Second Edition
Maintenance Strategies in the Treatment of Addictive Behaviors

Edited by G. Alan Marlatt and Dennis M. Donovan

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December 26, 2007
ISBN 9781593856410
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416 Pages
Size: 6⅛" x 9¼"
Copyright Date: 2005
March 1, 2011
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416 Pages
Copyright Date: 2005
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416 Pages
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1. Relapse Prevention for Alcohol and Drug Problems, G. Alan Marlatt and Katie Witkiewitz

2. Relapse Prevention among Diverse Populations, Arthur W. Blume and Berenice García de la Cruz

3. Treating Alcohol Problems, Ronald M. Kadden and Ned L. Cooney

4. Relapse Prevention for Smoking, Saul Shiffman, Jon Kassel, Chad Gwaltney, and Dennis McChargue

5. Relapse Prevention for Stimulant Dependence, Kathleen M. Carroll and Richard A. Rawson

6. Relapse Prevention for Opioid Dependence, Nancy A. Haug, James L. Sorensen, Valerie A. Gruber, and Yong S. Song

7. Relapse Prevention for Cannabis Abuse and Dependence, Roger A. Roffman and Robert S. Stephens

8. Relapse Prevention for Abuse of Club Drugs, Hallucinogens, Inhalants, and Steroids, Jason R. Kilmer, Jessica M. Cronce, and Rebekka S. Palmer

9. Relapse Prevention for Eating Disorders and Obesity, R. Lorraine Collins

10. Treatment of Gambling Disorders, Howard J. Shaffer and Debi A. LaPlante

11. Enhancing the Relapse Prevention Model for Sex Offenders: Adding Recidivism Risk Reduction Therapy to Target Offenders' Dynamic Risk Needs, Jennifer G. Wheeler, William H. George, and Susan A. Stoner

12. Relapse Prevention for Sexually Risky Behaviors, Tina M. Zawacki, Susan A. Stoner, and William H. George