Religion That Heals, Religion That Harms

A Guide for Clinical Practice

James L. Griffith

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August 9, 2010
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March 1, 2011
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Introduction. When Religion Goes Bad: A Mental Health Problem?

I. A Map for Navigating the Terrain of Religion

1. What Sociobiology Explains about Destructive Uses of Religion

2. What Neurobiology Explains about Destructive Uses of Religion

3. Setting the Stage: Opening Dialogue about Religious Life

4. Locating Personal Spirituality through Existential Inquiry

II. When Religious Life Propels Suffering

5. Seeking a Parent in God: Clinical Problems from Insecure Attachments

6. Seeking Security within the Flock: Clinical Problems from Social Hierarchy, Peer Affiliation, and Reciprocal Altruism

7. Asserting Primacy of Personal Spirituality over Sociobiological Religion

8. The Religious Who Protect Only Their Own: Clinical Problems from Peer Affiliation, Kin Recognition, and Social Exchange

III. When Mental Illness Infiltrates Religious Life

9. Religion That Is a Voice for Mental Illness

10. Dark Nights and Exaltation: Religion Distorted by a Mood Disorder

11. Worlds Confused: Religion Disorganized by Psychosis

12. Fear and Dread: Religion Shrunken by an Anxiety Disorder

IV. A Clinician’s Stance

13. Finding a Place to Stand: Conversing with Religiously Determined Patients