Restructuring Personality Disorders

A Short-Term Dynamic Approach

Jeffrey J. Magnavita

February 28, 1997
ISBN 9781572301856
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345 Pages
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I. Framework

1. Quantum Change for Personality Disordered Patients

2. The STRP Model: Process, Theory, and Constructs

3. Assessment and Treatment Planning

4. How to Formulate Core Issues

5. Techniques of STRP: The Use of Anxiety and Maximizing the Therapeutic Alliance

6. Comprehensive Restructuring of the Personality

7. Overview of the Treatment Process

II. Process and Technique in the Treatment of the Personality Disorders

8. Cluster C Disorders: The Treatment-Responsive Group

9. Cluster B Disorders: The Mixed-Results Group

10. Cluster A Disorders: The Treatment-Refractory Group

11. Treatment Pitfalls

12. Termination and Follow-Up: Measuring Therapeutic Effectiveness

13. Future Challenges