Sexual Deviance

Second Edition
Theory, Assessment, and Treatment

Edited by D. Richard Laws and William T. O'Donohue

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January 7, 2008
ISBN 9781593856052
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642 Pages
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April 16, 2012
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1. Introduction, D. Richard Laws and William T. O’Donohue

2. An Integrated Theory of Sexual Offending, Tony Ward and Anthony R. Beech

3. Sexual Deviance over the Lifespan: Reductions in Deviant Sexual Behavior in the Aging Sex Offender, Howard E. Barbaree and Ray Blanchard

4. Exhibitionism: Psychopathology and Theory, William D. Murphy and I. Jacqueline Page

5. Exhibitionism: Assessment and Treatment, John W. Morin and Jill S. Levenson

6. Fetishism: Psychopathology and Theory, Shauna Darcangelo

7. Fetishism: Assessment and Treatment, Shauna Darcangelo, Alana Hollings, and Gabrielle Paladino

8. Frotteurism: Psychopathology and Theory, Patrick Lussier and Lyne Piché

9. Frotteurism: Assessment and Treatment, Richard B. Krueger and Meg S. Kaplan

10. Pedophilia: Psychopathology and Theory, Michael C. Seto

11. Pedophilia: Assessment and Treatment, Joseph A. Camilleri and Vernon L. Quinsey

12. Sexual Sadism: Psychopathology and Theory, Pamela M. Yates, Stephen J. Hucker, and Drew A. Kingston

13. Sexual Sadism: Assessment and Treatment, Drew A. Kingston and Pamela M. Yates

14. Sexual Masochism: Psychopathology and Theory, Stephen J. Hucker

15. Sexual Masochism: Assessment and Treatment, Stephen J. Hucker

16. Transvestic Fetishism: Psychopathology and Theory, Jennifer Wheeler, Kirk A. B. Newring, and Crissa Draper

17. Transvestic Fetishism: Assessment and Treatment, Kirk A. B. Newring, Jennifer Wheeler, and Crissa Draper

18. Voyeurism: Psychopathology and Theory, Michael Lavin

19. Voyeurism: Assessment and Treatment, Ruth E. Mann, Fiona Ainsworth, Zainab Al-Attar, and Margaret Davies

20. Rape: Psychopathology and Theory, Theresa A. Gannon and Tony Ward

21. Rape: Assessment and Treatment, Jo Thakker, Rachael M. Collie, Theresa A. Gannon, and Tony Ward

22. Paraphilia Not Otherwise Specified: Psychopathology and Theory, Joel S. Milner, Cynthia A. Dopke, and Julie L. Crouch

23. Paraphilia Not Otherwise Specified: Assessment and Treatment, Tamara M. Penix

24. Online Sex Offending: Psychopathology and Theory, Ethel Quayle

25. Online Sex Offending: Assessment and Treatment, David L. Delmonico and Elizabeth J. Griffin

26. Sexual Deviance in Females: Psychopathology and Theory, Caroline Logan

27. Sexual Deviance in Females: Assessment and Treatment, Hannah Ford and Franca Cortoni

28. Multiple Paraphilias: Prevalence, Etiology, Assessment, and Treatment, Peggy Heil and Dominique Simons

29. Sexual Deviance and the Law, Stephen D. Hart and P. Randall Kropp

30. Neurobiological Processes and Comorbidity in Sexual Deviance, Martin P. Kafka

31. Medical Models and Interventions in Sexual Deviance, Don Grubin

32. The Public Health Approach: A Way Forward?, D. Richard Laws