A Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Perspective

Ronald W. Maris
Foreword by David A. Jobes

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March 4, 2019
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Foreword, David A. Jobes

I. Foundations

1. Introduction to Suicidology sample

2. The Theoretical Construction of Suicidology

II. Data, Research, Assessment

3. Grounding Suicidology in Empirical Evidence

4. Risk Factors and Risk Assessment:Measurement

III. Sociodemographic Issues

5. Age, Lifespan, and Suicidal Careers

6. Sex, Gender, and Marital Status: A Phallocentric Focus

7. Social Relations, Work, and the Economy: Social versus Individual Facts

8. International Variation, Ethnicity, and Race in Suicide

9. Who Makes Suicide Attempts, How, and What Do Suicide Notes Say about Them?

IV. Major Mental Disorders, Biology, Neurobiology

10. Mental Disorder: The Most Important Suicide Risk Factor?

11. Major Depression: Undiagnosed and Untreated

12. Bipolar Disorder: A Suicidogenic Cycle of Despair

13. Schizophrenia: Bizarre and Psychotic Suicides

14. Personality Disorders: Borderline, Antisocial, and Obsessive–Compulsive Personalities

15. Alcoholism and Other Substance Abuse:The Second Most Important Suicide Risk Factor

16. Suicidal Biogenics of the Brain: Biology, Genetics, and Neurobiology

V. Religion, Culture, History, Ethics

17. God, the Afterlife, Religion, and Culture

18. Suicide in History and Art: How Did Suicide Evolve?

19. Ethical Issues, Euthanasia, and Rational Suicide: Is Suicide Ever the Right Thing to Do?

VI. Special Topics

20. Suicide in the Military: War, Aggression, and PTSD

21. Murder–Suicide: Why Take Someone with You?

22. Jail and Prison Suicides: Confinement, Rage, and Target Reduction

VII. Treatment and Prevention

23. Treatment and Intervention I. Pharmacology: What Are We Going to Do about Suicide?

24. Treatment and Intervention II. Psychotherapy: What Are We Going to do about Suicide?

25. Prevention: Can Suicides Be Stopped or Reduced?

26. Postvention and Survivors: Death May Solve the Suicide’s Problems, but What about Those Left Behind?

27. Forensic Suicidology: A Tort Is the Oldest Antidepressant

VIII. Summary and Conclusions

28. What Have We Learned?