Teaching with the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, PreK-2

Edited by Lesley Mandel Morrow, Timothy Shanahan, and Karen K. Wixson
Foreword by Susan B. Neuman
Introduction by Jennifer Renner Del Nero

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November 14, 2012
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Includes Common Core Content

Foreword, Susan B. Neuman

Introduction, Jennifer Renner Del Nero

1. Understanding the Common Core State Standards, P. David Pearson and Elfrieda H. Hiebert

2. Reading Standards for Literature: Developing Comprehension, Lesley Mandel Morrow, Diane H. Tracey, and Kellyanne M. Healey

3. Reading Standards for Informational Text, Nell K. Duke, Juliet L. Halladay, and Kathryn L. Roberts

4. Reading Standards: Foundational Skills, Kristin M. Gehsmann and Shane Templeton

5. Writing Standards, Jane Hansen

6. Speaking and Listening Standards, Sandra L. Gillam and D. Ray Reutzel

7. Language Standards, Susan Watts-Taffe and Allison Breit-Smith

8. Technology and the Common Core Standards, Michael C. McKenna, Kristin Conradi, Craig A. Young, and Bong Gee Jang

9. Assessment and the Common Core Standards, Peter Afflerbach

10. In Conclusion: On Implementing the Common Core Standards Successfully in Grades K-2, Timothy Shanahan

Appendix A. Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, Grades K-2

Appendix B. Thematic Units for Grades K-2, with Common Core State Standards Embedded