The Alcoholic Family in Recovery

A Developmental Model

Stephanie Brown and Virginia Lewis

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August 19, 2002
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January 19, 2012
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I. Introduction

1. What Happens When the Drinking Stops?

2. The Developmental Process of Recovery

II. Stories of Families in Recovery

3. Transition and Early Recovery:

The Corwins and the Turners

4. From Early Recovery to Ongoing Recovery:

The Hendersons and the Warners

III. A Framework for Assessment

5. Assessing Family Functioning: Domains of Experience

6. Stages of Recovery: Drinking, Transition, Early Recovery, and Ongoing Recovery

7. Factors That Influence Recovery

IV. A Developmental Model of Family Recovery

8. The Drinking Stage

9. Transition for Couples and Families

10. Early Recovery for Couples and Families

11. Ongoing Recovery for Couples and Families