The Development of the Person

The Minnesota Study of Risk and Adaptation from Birth to Adulthood

L. Alan Sroufe, Byron Egeland, Elizabeth A. Carlson, and W. Andrew Collins

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February 20, 2009
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March 1, 2011
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I. Understanding Development

1. The Challenge

2. A Perspective on Development

3. Inception

4. The Follow-Up Strategy

II. Development and Adaptation

5. Adaptation in Infancy

6. Adaptation in the Toddler Period: Guided Self-Regulation

7. Adaptation in the Preschool Period: The Emergence of the Coherent Personality

8. Adaptation in Middle Childhood: The Era of Competence

9. Adaptation in Adolescence: Autonomy with Connectedness

10. The Transition to Adulthood

III. Development and Psychopathology

11. The Developmental Process

12. Behavioral and Emotional Disturbance

13. Clinical Implications

14. The Tasks Ahead

Appendix A. Longitudinal Study Assessments

Appendix B. Life Stress Scale

Appendix C. 12-Month Interview

Appendix D. Tool Problem-Solving Task Ratings: 24 Months

Appendix E. Teacher Nomination Procedure

Appendix F. Capacity for Vulnerability: Camp Reunion Rating

Appendix G. Selected References by Topic