The Evolution of Mind

Fundamental Questions and Controversies

Edited by Steven W. Gangestad and Jeffry A. Simpson

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January 26, 2007
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January 26, 2016
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“This volume covers enormous ground. Its refreshingly unique and surprisingly effective format results in a series of pithy, never-boring essays that truly elucidate diverse perspectives among the human evolutionary sciences. Both specialists and non-specialists will find it an edifying read.”

Journal of Anthropological Research

“Provides a broad overview of several diverse perspectives across a range of topics....Could serve well as a text for a graduate-level seminar series on the evolution of mind.”


Evolution of Mind demonstrates that a disciplinary realignment, underway for more than three decades, is now virtually complete. We have moved away from traditional disciplinary identities and, in the words of the editors, toward an integrative human evolutionary behavioral science. This innovative volume captures this exciting moment with short, insightful essays from dozens of leading scholars from throughout the social, behavioral, and life sciences. The contributors focus on 12 important issues in the evolutionary study of the mind and behavior, highlighting points of consensus, areas of controversy, and important new directions. Scholars will find this book essential to their efforts to keep abreast of current trends in this new field, and the range and brevity of its chapters make it a perfect source of stimulating readings for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses.”

—Lee Cronk, PhD, Department of Anthropology and Center for Human Evolutionary Studies, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

“Don’t be fooled by the deceptive simplicity of Darwin’s elegant theory, or the polarized debates about evolutionary social science. Instead, get it right by reading this magnificent volume of concise page-turners on the evolution of the human mind. Gangestad and Simpson set out to nudge the progress of this vibrant new science by squarely addressing its internal controversies in the words of the experts themselves. The book is a huge success—forget nudging, the field leaps forward! A 'must read' for anyone who really wants to understand the profound ways evolution has shaped human behavior. This book is a true intellectual adventure.”

—Martie G. Haselton, PhD, Department of Communication Studies and Department of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles

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