The Five-Factor Model of Personality

Theoretical Perspectives

Edited by Jerry S. Wiggins

March 15, 1996
ISBN 9781572300682
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216 Pages
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1. The Curious History of the Five-Factor Model, John M. Digman

2. The Language of Personality: Lexical Perspectives on the Five-Factor Model, Gerard Saucier and Lewis R. Goldberg

3. Toward a New Generation of Personality Theories: Theoretical Contexts for the Five-Factor Model, Robert R. McCrae and Paul T. Costa, Jr.

4. A Dyadic Interactional Perspective on the Five-Factor Model, Jerry S. Wiggins and Paul D. Trapnell

5. A Socioanalytic Perspective on the Five-Factor Model, Robert Hogan

6. Social Adaptation and Five Major Factors of Personality, David M. Buss