The Human Amygdala

Edited by Paul J. Whalen and Elizabeth A. Phelps

February 3, 2009
ISBN 9781606230336
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429 Pages
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I. From Animal Models to Human Amygdala Function

1. Neuroanatomy of the Primate Amygdala, Jennifer Freese and David G. Amaral

2. The Human Amygdala: Insights from Other Animals, Joseph E. LeDoux and Daniela Schiller

3. Measurement of Fear Inhibition in Rats, Monkeys, and Humans with or without Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Using the AX+, BX–Paradigm, Karyn M. Myers, Donna J. Toufexis, James T. Winslow, Tanja Jovanovic, Seth D. Norrholm, Erica J. Duncan, and Michael Davis

4. Amygdala Function in Positive Reinforcement: Contributions from Studies of Nonhuman Primates, Elisabeth A. Murray, Alicia Izquierdo, and Ludise Malkova

II. Human Amygdala Function

5. A Developmental Perspective on Human Amygdala Function, Nim Tottenham, Todd A. Hare, and B. J. Casey

6. Human Fear Conditioning and the Amygdala, Arne Öhman

7. Methodological Approaches to Studying the Human Amygdala, Kevin S. LaBar and Lauren H. Warren

8. The Human Amygdala and Memory, Stephan Hamann

9. The Human Amygdala and the Control of Fear, Elizabeth A. Phelps

10. The Role of the Human Amygdala in Perception and Attention, Patrik Vuilleumier

11. Individual Differences in Human Amygdala Function, Turhan Canli

12. Human Amygdala Responses to Facial Expressions of Emotion, Paul J. Whalen, F. Caroline Davis, Jonathan A. Oler, Hackjin Kim, M. Justin Kim, and Maital Neta

13. The Human Amygdala in Social Function, Tony W. Buchanan, Daniel Tranel, and Ralph Adolphs

III. Human Amygdala Dysfunction

14. The Human Amygdala in Anxiety Disorders, Lisa M. Shin, Scott L. Rauch, Roger K. Pitman, and Paul J. Whalen

15. The Human Amygdala in Schizophrenia, Daphne J. Holt and Mary L. Phillips

16. The Human Amygdala in Autism, Cynthia Mills Schumann and David G. Amaral

17. The Human Amygdala in Normal Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease, Christopher I. Wright

18. The Genetic Basis of Human Amygdala Reactivity, Ahmad R. Hariri and Daniel R. Weinberger