The Mindful School

Transforming School Culture through Mindfulness and Compassion

Edited by Patricia A. Jennings
Associate Editors: Anthony A. DeMauro and Polina P. Mischenko

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July 11, 2019
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Introduction

1. Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?: Preparing Our Students for an Uncertain Future, Patricia A. Jennings, Anthony A. DeMauro, & Polina P. Mischenko sample

2. A Selective Review of Mindfulness Training Programs for Children and Adolescents in School Settings, Rebecca N. Baelen, Michael V. Esposito, & Brian M. Galla

II. Examining Roles and Responsibilities for School Transformation

3. Turn and Listen: Strengthening Compassion and Leadership in the Adult Community in Schools, Pamela Seigle, Chip Wood, & Lisa Sankowski

4. Modeling Mindfulness: Principal Leadership and Development for Personal and Organizational Growth, Eleanor Drago-Severson & Jessica Blum-DeStefano

5. Embodied Teacher Mindfulness in the Classroom: The Calm, Clear, Kind Framework, Cynthia Taylor, Patricia A. Jennings, Alexis Harris, Deborah L. Schussler, & Robert W. Roeser

6. Cultivating Passion for Practicing and Teaching Mindfulness: A Multiple-Case Study of Compassionate School Project Teachers, Polina P. Mischenko & Patricia A. Jennings

7. The School Counselor: Change Agent and Collaborator for Holistic Student Well-Being, Rebecca L. Tadlock-Marlo & Meghan Damler

8. Creating Mindful and Compassionate Schools: Including Parents as Partners, J. Douglas Coatsworth, Melissa Ward George, & Aimee Kleisner Walker

III. Looking to the Future

9. Finding Peace in Chaos: Mindfully Prepared Public School Teachers, Richard C. Brown & Elizabeth Grassi

10. Being in School Transformation: Toward Equity and Social Justice, Velma L. Cobb