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The Place of Music

Edited by Andrew Leyshon, David Matless, and George Revill

March 21, 1998
ISBN 9781572303140
Price: $42.00
326 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"


Introduction, Leyshon, Matless, and Revill

1. The Global Music Industry: Contradictions in the Commodification of the Sublime, John Lovering

2. The Early Days of the Gramophone Industry in India: Historical, Social, and Musical Perspectives, Gerry Farrell

3. Welcome to Dreamsville: A History and Geography of Northern Soul, Joanne Hollows and Katie Milestone

4. Victorian Brass Bands: Class, Taste, and Space, Trevor Herbert

5. Locating Listening: Technological Space, Popular Music, and Canadian Mediations, Jody Berland

6. Borderlines: Bilingual Terrain in Scottish Song, Steve Sweeney-Turner

7. England's Glory: Sensibilities of Place in English Music, 1900-1950, Robert Stradling

8. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's Geography of Disappointment: Hybridity, Identity, and Networks of Musical Meaning, George Revill

9. Global Undergrounds: The Cultural Politics of Sound and Light in Los Angeles, 1965-1975, Simon Rycroft

10. From "Dust Storm Disaster" to "Pastures of Plenty": Woody Guthrie and the Landscapes of the American Depression, John R. Gold

11. Sounding Out the City: Music and the Sensuous Production of Place, Sara Cohen

12. Desire, Power, and the Sonoric Landscape: Early Modernism and the Politics of Musical Privacy, Richard Leppert