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The Psychology of Ultimate Concerns

Motivation and Spirituality in Personality

Robert A. Emmons

July 16, 2003
ISBN 9781572309357
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230 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 1999

“Emmons has done a great service to psychology with this book....He has connected two previously unconnected lines of thought in a heuristic and highly compelling manner. The organization of the book is flawless and the writing is lucid....We have no doubt that the book will be, to use a spiritual term, "nspiring' to many researchers.”

Contemporary Psychology

“A valuable resource....Will be appreciated by those who need more than intuitive or anecdotal evidence for the impact that religion/spirituality have on humankind's personality integration and well-being. It also provides an excellent model for doing empirical research. Students and scholars alike will benefit from following Emmons' blueprint. Finally, both clinicians and researchers will benefit from the author's recognition that religious/spiritual world views are central to the theory of human motivation.”

American Journal of Pastoral Counseling

“One of the more important works in recent years integrating major areas of psychology, religion, and spirituality.....Reading [this book] is both intellectually stimulating and personally satisfying. Get yourself a copy.”

Journal of Psychology and Theology

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