The Social Psychology of Power

Edited by Ana Guinote and Theresa K. Vescio

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April 27, 2010
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March 1, 2011
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Introduction: Power in Social Psychology, Ana Guinote and Theresa K. Vescio

I. Concepts, Theoretical Perspectives, and Basic Mechanisms

1. Concepts and Historical Perspectives on Power, Jennifer R. Overbeck

2. The Emergence of Simple and Complex Power Structures through Social Niche Construction, Christopher Boehm and Jessica C. Flack

3. Dominance and Health: The Role of Social Rank in Physiology and Illness, Jacqueline J. Rivers and Robert A. Josephs

4. Power in the Person: Exploring the Motivational Underground of Power, David G. Winter

5. The Situated Focus Theory of Power, Ana Guinote

II. Power in Interaction: The Negotiation of a Shared Reality

6. Paradoxes of Power: Dynamics of the Acquisition, Experience, and Social Regulation of Social Power, Dacher Keltner, Deborah Gruenfeld, Adam Galinsky, and Michael W. Kraus

7. Paradoxical Power Manifestations: Power Assertion by the Subjectively Powerless, Daphne Blunt Bugental

8. Power and Social Perception, Ann Marie Russell and Susan T. Fiske

9. Legitimacy, Social Identity, and Power, Russell Spears, Ronni Greenwood, Soledad de Lemus, and Joseph Sweetman

10. Power as Charismatic Leadership: A Significant Opportunity (and a Modest Proposal) for Social Psychology Research, Francis J. Flynn

III. Power in Intergroup Relations

11. The System Justification Motive and the Maintenance of Social Power, Aaron C. Kay, Jillian Chalmers Banfield, and Kristin Laurin

12. Power and Racism, P. J. Henry and Felicia Pratto

13. Power and Sexism, Theresa K. Vescio, Kristine A. Schlenker, and Joshua G. Lenes

14. Immigration and Power, Kay Deaux and Nida Bikmen

15. Social Class and Power, Heather E. Bullock and Bernice Lott

16. Power: New Understandings and Future Directions, Theresa K. Vescio and Ana Guinote


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