Treating Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders

Oscar G. Bukstein

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July 26, 2019
ISBN 9781462537860
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268 Pages
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June 10, 2019
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268 Pages
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“Treating adolescents with substance use disorders is complex and challenging. This book empowers clinicians to work successfully with this difficult-to-treat population. Bukstein's practical guidance reflects the latest research as well as strong clinical acumen developed through decades of experience. Engaging, easy to follow, and highly informative, the book offers a solid understanding of what to expect when working with youth and their families, and helps clinicians forecast problems and troubleshoot common pitfalls.”

—Robert Miranda Jr., PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University

“Bukstein is to be commended for this very useful clinical guide. The book includes succinct yet comprehensive coverage of risk factors, screening measures, and evidence-based prevention and treatment modalities for adolescents with substance use disorders. Drawing from his extensive clinical experience and current research, Bukstein identifies core principles and guides clinicians through the key components of effective treatment. He provides step-by-step guidelines for using motivational interviewing to enhance treatment engagement and goal setting; identifying triggers for use; and teaching problem-solving skills and coping strategies to promote healthy lifestyle choices. I know this volume will find a home on my bookshelf.”

—Paula D. Riggs, MD, Professor and Director, Division of Substance Dependence, Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine

“Bukstein distills decades of clinical experience and scholarly activities into this comprehensive guide. All trainees and clinicians interested in starting to work with (or improving their effectiveness with) teens with drug or alcohol problems will find this book an excellent resource. It provides a reference for screening, assessment, brief intervention, and more in-depth treatment planning, whether in specialized addictions treatment settings or general practice. In addition to reviewing the research and logic informing clinical interventions, the book presents step-by-step, evidence-based treatment plans for use with adolescents and their parents; reproducible tools; and helpful examples.”

—Duncan B. Clark, MD, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

“From one of the field's most distinguished scholars, this is a gem of a resource for those of us in the clinical trenches with adolescents with substance use disorders. The book provides a most thoughtful review of evidence-based treatment strategies, integrated with state-of-the-art clinical insights. I particularly appreciate the way Bukstein highlights common elements across diverse effective treatments. The case examples provide a rich context and enhance the book’s relevance. This timely work is a 'must read' for the range of service providers working with teenagers with drug involvement and co-occurring problems.”

—Ken C. Winters, PhD, Senior Scientist, Oregon Research Institute; Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota