Treating Parent-Infant Relationship Problems

Strategies for Intervention

Edited by Arnold J. Sameroff, Susan C. McDonough, and Katherine L. Rosenblum

December 3, 2003
ISBN 9781572309579
Price: $81.00
304 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
July 12, 2005
ISBN 9781593852450
Price: $36.00
304 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

I. Themes

1. Ports of Entry and the Dynamics of Mother-Infant Interventions, Arnold J. Sameroff

2. The Motherhood Constellation: Therapeutic Approaches to Early Relational Problems, Daniel N. Stern

3. Defining Infant Mental Health: A Developmental Relational Perspective on Assessment and Diagnosis, Katherine L. Rosenblum

II. Variations

4. Interaction Guidance: Promoting and Nurturing the Caregiving Relationship, Susan C. McDonough

5. Child-Parent Psychotherapy: A Relationship-Based Approach to the Treatment of Mental Health Disorders in Infancy and Early Childhood, Alicia F. Lieberman

6. The Primary Triangle: Treating Infants in Their Families, Elisabeth Fivaz-Depeursinge, Antoinette Corboz-Warnery, and Miri Keren

7. A Sensory Processing Approach to Supporting Infant-Caregiver Relationships, Winnie Dunn

8. A Multifocal Neonatal Intervention, Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern

9. Lessons from STEEP: Linking Theory, Research, and Practice for the Well-Being of Infants and Parents, Byron Egeland and Martha Farrell Erickson

10. Treating Parent-Infant Relationships in the Context of Maltreatment: An Integrated Systems Approach, Julie A. Larrieu and Charles H. Zeanah

III. Coda

11. Therapeutic Relationships in Infant Mental Health and the Concept of Leverage, Robert N. Emde, Kevin D. Everhart, and Brian K. Wise