Treating Women with Substance Use Disorders

The Women's Recovery Group Manual

Shelly F. Greenfield

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May 20, 2016
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I. Introduction to the Women's Recovery Group

1. Treating Women with Substance Use Disorders

2. Conducting the Women’s Recovery Group

II. Group Sessions

Session 1. The Effect of Drugs and Alcohol on Women’s Health

Session 2. How to Manage Triggers and High-Risk Situations

Session 3. Overcoming Obstacles to Recovery

Session 4. Managing Mood, Anxiety, and Eating Problems without Using Substances

Session 5. Women and Their Partners: The Effect on Recovery

Session 6. Coping with Stress

Session 7. Women as Caretakers: Can You Take Care of Yourself While You Are Taking Care of Others?

Session 8. Using Self-Help Groups to Help Yourself

Session 9. Women’s Use of Substances through the Life Cycle

Session 10. Violence and Abuse: Getting Help

Session 11. The Issue of Disclosure: To Tell or Not to Tell?

Session 12. Substance Use and Women’s Reproductive Health

Session 13. Can You Have Fun without Using Drugs or Alcohol?

Session 14. Achieving a Balance in Your Life

Appendix A. Reproducible Participant Materials

Appendix B. Reproducible Therapist Materials




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